Have you ever received phone calls from a mysterious number and wondered: who called me? Studies show that every year about 10% of all Americans are victims of phone scams, with an average cost of over $400 per scam (2016). The cost of being over-charged for premium phone numbers can also be sky-high.

The good news you can fight back with reverse phone / number lookup tool known as FakeTel. This can help you look up commonly used fake numbers from the UK and other countries from which Spam and identity theft calls are made. You can also find information like different area codes in your country to pinpoint where the calls are made from.

White Pages – Who is behind the scams?

You might be wondering who’s been calling you from unknown numbers to try and scam you. These are often telemarketers who lie about who they are. For example, they often claim that they work for legitimate companies like Sky when that’s simply not true.

When you get such phoney calls from unknown numbers you might be confused and ask yourself: who called me? In this situation, it can be confusing if the phone number is a question mark yet the caller says they’re from a known company.

In fact, this is the dilemma that many Spam victims experience. Sometimes your sixth sense tells you that something doesn’t seem right. On the other hand, the call can also seem legitimate if someone is calling from a real company you’ve heard of.

In this situation, the best advice we can give you is: Don’t say anything! The reason is banks and other businesses usually don’t ask for personal/sensitive info over the phone. Usually this is done through methods like email. In the case they do make a security call they’ll warn you that your conversation will be recorded.

What can I do to block Spam calls from unknown numbers?

Fighting SPAM phone calls isn’t easy to do with because they have several numbers, they can use to make phone calls. The solution is to block each fake number using a reverse phone / number lookup tool.

If you fail to block the Spam call, then someone might keep calling you until they successfully scam you. It’s better to be on the safe side to give you peace of mind.

The main option includes contacting your telephone operator so they can block all future incoming calls from the particular phone number. This can be somewhat of a hassle, but it’s worth it because the scammers won’t be able to keep calling you from that number.

You can also use FakeTel to research more about a suspicious call you received from an unknown number after you ask yourself: who called me? For example, spammers often use the same phone number to call potential victims. We can likely provide information about the particular number that called you.

FakeTel can also provide other helpful information. That includes different area codes in the UK. You can also learn the true rates of premium-rate phone numbers in countries like the UK and US. This can help to prevent you from being overcharged for such numbers.

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